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The TAMS 83488 USB/GPIB Controller adds IEEE-488 (General Purpose Instrument Bus - GPIB) capabilities to any computer with a USB port running Red Hat Linux.

The TAMS USB/GPIB Controller takes full advantage of the High Speed USB 2.0 bus performance and delivers the highest possible level of throughput.

Whether you are using BASIC for Linux, or programming in C with the SICL or VISA library, your code will now run at full performance.

The small size and light weight of the 83488 make it ideal for portable applications using a laptop computer, or for sharing the GPIB interface between computers.

Compatibility and flexibility

The TAMS 83488 comes with the SICL (Standard Instrument Control Libraries) and VISA (Virtual Instrument Software Architecture) software. This software offers ease of use and compatibility among different instrument and software vendors. GPIB emulation assures that your existing GPIB programs work immediately, without modification.

Since the TAMS 83488 is a standard Plug and Play device, it is automatically detected and configured when connected to the computer USB port. The USB/GPIB Interface software allows transparent communication between a PC and up to 14 GPIB instruments, offering transfer rates over 990 Kbytes/sec for large blocks of data.



USB-to-GPIB converter, compatible with IEEE-488.1 and IEEE488.2


High Speed USB 2.0 Device (backwards compatible with USB 1.1)


Large transfer block rates > 990 KB/s


Compatible with SICL and VISA


No GPIB cable required to connect to an instrument


Removeable USB cable included (length: ~ 1,80m)


No DIP switches, Plug-and-Play configuration


Connect to up to 14 GPIB instruments


No external power supply required


Compatible with TAMS BASIC for Linux


Compatible with C/C++


Operation systems: Red Hat Enterprise Linux (list of supported kernels)

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TAMS 83488

 TAMS 83488 GPIB/USB Interface for Linux


 Shielded GPIB cable, length: 2m


 Shielded GPIB cable, length: 4m