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Take advantage of the flexibility and versatility of GPIO with the speed of PCI.

The TAMS 82622 card offers:

* True 3.3V and 5V PCI support

* Software configuration - no DIP switches.

* 16 bit data exchange 

* Extra status and control lines

* Choice of handshake methods

* Data-latching options

* Selectable data width and polarity.

* Easily removable pull-up resistors


TAMS next generation PCI GPIO card, the 82622 now supports hyperthreading and  multi-processor configurations.  Based on HP’s original definition of the 98622 GPIO standard,  TAMS 82622 card is a superset of the HP/Agilent interfaces and meets all the original specifications.  TAMS 82622 is fully compatible with TAMS BASIC for Linux and TAMS I/O Library for Linux.



GPIB/PCI Interface, compatible with IEEE-488.1 and IEEE488.2


Compatible with BASIC for Linux


Compatible with C/C++


Operation systems: Red Hat Enterprise Linux (see list of supported kernel)

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TAMS 82622

 TAMS 82622 GPIO/PCI Interface


 Shielded GPIO cable, length: 5m, 50 pin Centronics connector, unterminated on one end