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Take advantage of the flexibility and versatility of GPIO with the speed of PCI.

The TAMS 62622 card offers:

* True 3.3V and 5V PCI support

* Software configuration - no DIP switches.

* 16 bit data exchange 

* Extra status and control lines

* Choice of handshake methods

* Data-latching options

* Selectable data width and polarity.

* Easily removable pull-up resistors

Enhanced Mode

The TAMS 71622 is based on HP’s original definition of the 98622 GPIO standard. The TAMS card meets all the original specifications, and can operate with the original code, but also adds the full functionality of the HP E2074/5 enhanced mode to give bi-directional data and auxiliary status and control lines.  Features bi-directional polling and configurable PCTL delay. You can use the TAMS card with any application that was developed for HP / Agilent cards.

Software Compatibility

Whether you are using HP-VEE, BASIC/UX or programming in ‘C’ with the SICL library your code will run at full performance without modification. And thanks to HP’s software architecture once the TAMS driver is loaded, the TAMS card can be used in any application without requiring additional computer overhead or code changes.

System Requirements


1 available PCI slot


HP Workstation running HP-UX 10.20 or HP-UX 11i (HP-UX 11i Version 1 TCOE* or HP-UX 11i Version 1 MTOE*)


Compatible with C/C++, Basic/UX 11i


I/O Library for HP-UX

* TCOE = Technical Computing Operating Environment

   MTOE = Minimal Technical Operating Environment

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TAMS 71622

 TAMS 71622 GPIO/PCI Interface


 Shielded GPIO cable, length: 5m, 50 pin Centronics connector, unterminated on one end