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The TAMS 70488 is fully compliant with the PCI specifications for 3.3V and 5V PCI/PCI-X slots.  The card operates with 32 bit or 64 bit signaling specified at 33, 66, 100 or 133MHz, allowing complete configuration flexibility.

TAMS 70488 is a functional replacement for the HP/Agilent E2078A PCI GPIB Card.



GPIB/PCI Interface, compatible with PCI, PCI-X, SICL, VISA, IEEE-488.1 and IEEE488.2


Large transfer block rates > 1 MB/s


Compatible with SICL and VISA


No DIP switches, Plug-and-Play configuration


Connect to up to 14 GPIB instruments


Compatible with ANSI C, HP Basic/UX, Agilent VEE Pro


Operation systems: HP-UX 10.20 (use the TAMS 71488 for HP-UX 11i)

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TAMS 70488

 TAMS 70488 GPIB/PCI Interface incl. 1,5m High Density cable


TAMS GPIB cable with High-Density connector, length: 2m


TAMS GPIB cable with High-Density connector, length: 4m


 Additional shielded GPIB cable, length: 2m


 Additional shielded GPIB cable, length: 4m