I/O performance is imperative in instrument control. The computer should always be waiting for the instrument and not the other way around.  The TAMS 61488 delivers all the speed your instruments need.

By moving software functions into hardware and concentrating on improving the performance of small transactions the 61488 is able to offer real world performance improvements. 

Using a single number to characterize performance of GPIB, or any type of I/O operation can be misleading.  There are many factors that affect actual performance: the amount of data being transferred; the size of data blocks; the difference between read and write speeds; programming language; the computer being used; etc. As a result, we do not recommend basing any decisions on maximum transfer rate.  However, to conform to the industry standard of specifying maximum I/O speed, the TAMS 61488 card can be specified to exceed 1MB/s. In addition, our tests have shown the 61488 to be 4.5 times than the 60488 for small transactions.


The TAMS 61488 is fully compliant with the PCI specifications for 3.3V and 5V PCI or PCI-X slots and delivers the highest possible level of throughput.  The card operates with 32 bit or 64 bit signaling specified at 33, 66, 100 or 133MHz, allowing complete configuration flexibility.  Whether you are using HTBasic for Windows or programming in C with the SICL or VISA library, your code will run at full performance.



GPIB/PCI Interface, compatible with IEEE-488.1 and IEEE488.2


Large transfer block rates > 990 KB/s


Compatible with SICL and VISA from Agilent


No DIP switches, Plug-and-Play configuration


Connect to up to 14 GPIB instruments


No external power supply required


Compatible with BASIC for Windows (TransEra HTBasic and HP BASIC)


Compatible with Agilent VEE, C/C++, Visual Basic, LabWindows* etc.


Operation systems (32 bit only): Windows 2000 SP4, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7


Agilent SICL library (version M.01.01 and above) is required. This library is not included with the product and must be ordered separately if needed. HTBasic users can find this library on older HTBasic installation CDs up to version 9.3.

* Under LabView and LabWindows only the VISA software API is supported, the native NI-488.2 software interface is not supported by the TAMS 61488.

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TAMS 61488

 TAMS 61488 GPIB/PCI Interface incl. 1,5m High Density cable


TAMS GPIB cable with High-Density connector, length: 2m


TAMS GPIB cable with High-Density connector, length: 4m


 Additional shielded GPIB cable, length: 2m


 Additional shielded GPIB cable, length: 4m