Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Porting Considerations (pdf)

Where do I find the Agilent SICL/VISA Software?

Current Version


1. Loading the driver for an Agilent GPIB LAN controller
2. How do I load the driver for a GPIB PCMCIA interface?
3. What USB devices are supported by the USBS driver?
4. How do I load the USBS driver?
5. How do I configure GPIO interfaces under HTBasic?
6. What driver should I use for my GPIB Interface?
7. How do I install an Agilent Agilent GPIB interface?
8. How do I install a National Instrument GPIB interface?
9. How do I install a GPIO interface from TAMS?
10. Is it possible to use more than one GPIB interfaces at once?
11. What GPIB interfaces are compatible with HTBasic?


1. Control devices over LAN (TCP/IP) using HTBasic


1. How to output HPGL- or PCL commands on a network or USB printer
2. Printing HTBasic Plus widgets or dialogs
3. Importing HPGL files in Microsoft Word
4. How do I change the HPGL line thickness?
5. What ISC should I use for my printer?
6. How to use a PCL5 printer as HPGL plotter
7. How do I work with more than one printer?

Common Questions

1. Starting a program automatically when HTBasic starts up
2. Converting a HP Workstation BDAT file into a HTBasic BDAT file
3. How can I find the Serial number of HTBasic installed on my PC?
4. What is the purpose of the AUTOST program?
5. How can I program my Multimeter in ASCII but receive Measurements in Binary?
6. How can I protect my HTBasic program from being hacked or stolen?
7. Double clicking on a .prg or .bas file does not launch the file in HTBasic

DLL Toolkit

1. How to pass a string array to a DLL
2. How can I get System Information from HTBasic?
3. Can I send an e-mail from HTBasic?

Version 8.0

1. How do I print Basic Plus widgets or dialogs?