Rmb2HTML "X-rays" your HP BASIC / HTBasic source code. Starting from your HTBasic or HP BASIC program Rmb2HTML generates HTML pages of your code and allows you to navigate through the code with your web browser.



Shows HTBasic reserved words, comments, line labels, constants and strings with colour and font style.


Creates HTML links for every SUB program call, control transfer (GOTO, GOSUB, RECOVER) and COM  blocks within your source code.


Supports DHTML (dynamic HTML; DHTML requires Microsoft Internet Explorer):

  - Blocks can be collapsed / expanded (FOR..NEXT, IF..THEN etc.)

  - Variables can be clicked, these will then be marked within the whole source code for easier reading


Create index of child and parent SUB programs (with HTML links) for every single SUB program.


Creates a comment for every SUB program which appears in the table of contents and on HTML page header.

Program window



We have analyzed a Demo from von TransEra using Rmb2HTML, click here for the results.

System Requirements

  Operating system: Windows 98 / 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista / Windows 7

  HTBasic for Windows Release 5.2 or higher, HP BASIC Release 5.x

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RMB2HTML source code analyzer for HTBasic


RMB2HTML source code analyzer for HTBasic Update

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