Under HTBasic the Ines Plug-and-Play GPIB-PCI-E interface is

fully compatible with the HP-IB interface found on Hewlett

Packard's 9000 Series 200/300 Workstations.

The interface can be used Windows 2000, Windows XP Professional, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Linux. The driver supports the industry standard GPIB-32.DLL (National Instruments compatible). In an alternate configuration mode the interface is also compatible to the Agilent SICL/VISA library.

IEEE488 (GPIB) compatibility

The Ines GPIB-PCI-E interface is fully compatible with the HPIB interface found on Hewlett Packards 9000 Series 200/300 Workstations when using under HTBasic (Windows version).

Key features and specifications


Supports Windows 7, Windows Vista, XP / 2000, Linux (kernel 2.4 and 2.6)


GPIB (IEEE-488 / HP-IB) for IBM PC and compatible computer


Full Talker/Listener/Controller using a NEC 7210 compatible controller chip


Fully compatible with HP 9000 series 200/300 workstations under HTBasic


Industry standard driver GPIB-32.DLL, compatible with HTBasic / HP BASIC, C/C++, Testpoint, LabView 6+, LabWindows, Diadem, Visual Basic and others


Device mode also supported (Talker / Listener)


Fits in any PCI-e slot

  Ordering Information

Oder code



 Ines GPIB/PCI-E Interface


 Shielded GPIB cable, Length: 2m


 Shielded GPIB cable, Length: 4m