HTBasic Overview

Advantages compared to HP BASIC/WS and Rocky Montain Basic


Windows editor with Syntax-highlighting, mouse support, drag-and-drop


Built-in debugger with breakpoints, step mode, variable watching etc.


Supports Windows DLLs (device driver, additional functionality etc.), window support with Basic Plus


Supports modern infrastructure (network, backup, USB, high screen resolutions and much more)


Create stunning high-end graphics with the graphics extension GRAPH-XT (optional)


Use modern Windows printer (network printers supported), including pdf printers or f.ex. Fineprint


Contains several tools at no additional charge (Numeric Compiler, MATH library, Secure Tools


New variable types (LONG, STATIC)

Source code compatibility


Souce code compatible with Rocky Mountain Basic and HP BASIC/WS (including Basic Plus)


Device communication over GPIB, GPIO and RS232 remains exactly the same compared to HP Workstations


Interface I/O compatibility


All National Instruments NI-488.2 and Agilent SICL/VISA compatible GPIB interfaces can be used, plus TransEra HM900


GPIO interfaces from TAMS and TranEra


RS232 (serial interface)


USBTMC / USBTMC-488 standard compliant interfaces (e.g. from Agilent and TAMS)


National Instruments DAQ interfaces using the optional DAQmx Driver


DAQ Interfaces from Measurement Computing using the optional Universal Library for HTBasic


Arbitrary Interfaces using the manufacturers driver DLL


Interfaces to other programs


Data exchange with MS Office (Excel, Word, Access etc.) using the optional MS Office Interface


Create stunning high-end-graphics with GRAPH-XT. Overview HTBasic Add-ons

Included in delivery


HTBasic integrated development environment (IDE), comprehensive electronic help


Numeric Compiler (SUB routines may be faster by up to 50 times)


MATH library with functions for Statistic and Data reduction, Signal processing, numerische analysis and more


Secure Tools in order to protect your intellectual property


LIF utilities to read files from LIF formatted floppy disks (needs DOS or Windows 95/98 to work with)


Runtime Licenses


Low cost solution for programs written in HTBasic: Runtime Licenses