HTBasic compatible with many hardware and software interfaces and can be expanded with many add-ons and plug-in.



--> Available GPIB / HP-IB Interfaces

HTBasic ships with GPIB drivers which are compatible with National Instruments NI488.2 and Agilent SICL / VISA drivers.


This means that HTBasic supports all GPIB Interfaces which are compatible with these two driver librarries. This includes: Agilent, National Instruments, Ines, TransEra, TAMS, Keithley, IOtech, MetraByte, Ziatech, Plug-In, ICS and many more.



Serial Interfaces / RS232

All standard Windows serial interfaces (COMx) can be used under HTBasic Windows. Up to 20 serial ports can be used simultaneously.




--> Available GPIO Interfaces

HTBasic supports GPIO Interfaces from TransEra, TAMS and Agilent (HP). Existing programs can be used without any hardware or software modifications under DOS or Windows.



--> USBTMC Switches

HTBasic Version 9.5 and later ships with a USBS driver. This driver supports all devices which are compatible with the USBTMC standard (USB Test and Measurement Class).



DAQ-Interfaces from National Instruments

--> DAQmx for HTBasic product info

All current DAQ Interfaces from National Instruments can be used with the optional DAQmx Driver with HTBasic. You can even run several measurements simultaneously (if the National Instruments hardware supports it) and callback services.



DAQ-Interfaces from other manufacturers

Many DAQ interfaces from other manufacturers can be used under HTBasic using their Windows driver DLL  (MCCDAQ/Plug-in, Meilhaus...). If you use DAQ Interfaces from Measurement Computing we have developed a special driver library called "Universal Library for HTBasic". Please call us for more details.

If you need help in order to integrate the driver DLL or your favourite DAQ interface please call for assistence.



Microsoft Office / Corel Office

--> MS Office Interface product info

Ultra-fast data exchange between HTBasic and Office applications like Microsoft Excel, Word or Access and Corel WordPerfect is provided through the optional MS Office Interface for HTBasic.



Professional 2D / 3D diagrams

--> GRAPH-XT product info

With GRAPH-XT for HTBasic you create stunning, high quality 2D and 3D diagrams from your measurement data with just a few lines of code. Professional graphic. A separate Excel plug-in and a standalone application is also included.