The TransEra IEEE-488 interface (also known as GPIB or HP-IB) provides full GPIB / HP-IB compatibility with HP 9000 series 200/300 workstations under HTBasic. The TransEra Model 900 fits in any ISA 8 bit PC I/O slot.

IEEE488 (GPIB) Compatibility

The TransEra Model 900 IEEE 488 card was developed to give HTBasic full compatibility with the HPIB interface found on Hewlett Packards 9000 Series 200/300 Workstations. Standard IEEE-488 cables are used to connect the controller card to instruments and devices. Cable ordering information is included below.

Additionally, using the SICL driver under Windows XP/2000/NT4 the Model 900 can be used from any C-compatible language like LabWindows, LabView, Testpoint or HP-VEE.



IEEE controller: Texas Instruments TMS-9914A


DMA channels: 1, 2, 3, jumper selectable


Interrupts: 2 ... 7, jumper selectable


I/O addresses: 38 selectable addresses, range 018-3FBh, 20h range


Complete Talker/Listener/Controller with TMS-9914A controller chip


Fully compatible with HP 9000 series 200/300 workstations under HTBasic at register level


Fits in any ISA slot (8 bit)


Energieverbrauch: 0.6 A @ +5V vom PC I/O ISA Steckplatz


Environmental specifications: 0-50 degrees Celsius; humidity 10-85% non condensing


Supports Windows XP / 2000 / NT4, Windows 9x and DOS

  Ordering Information

Order code


HM 900

 TransEra Model 900 GPIB-PC Interface (ISA 8 Bit)


 Shielded GPIB cable, Length: 2m


 Dreifach geschirmtes GPIB-Kabel, Lšnge: 4m