Product discontinued !

The product has been discontinued. A compatible replacement is the TAMS 62622.

The TransEra GPIO interface cards were developed to give HTBasic (DOS Version) full compatibility with the HP Model 98622 GPIO interface. The Model HM600 card fits in any PC I/O slot and is supported under all operating systems including Windows XP, 2000, NT4, 9x and DOS.

HP 98622 GPIO Compatibility

Driver are available for HTBasic (all versions including Windows NT/2000). HTBasic currently supports all GPIO capabilities except DMA with a TRANSFER statement.

GPIO Cable

Because the TransEra Model 600 GPIO card uses a compatible connector, either an existing HP cable or a new cable may be used. A matching ten foot cable with a connector attached to one end and open wires on the other is available to fill various cable and interfacing needs.


* Cable and software compatible with HP 98622 GPIO interface

* 16 logic programmable TTL data input lines

* 16 logic programmable open connector 30V data output lines

* Flexible communication

* Logic programmable handshake lines

* Peripheral or interface ready interrupts

* Four general purpose I/O lines

* Half-size board fits in any PC I/O slot

* Choice of 6 interrupt lines

* Selectable I/O address range

* Selectable DMA address range

Interface Description

The GPIO board provides 16 logic programmable open collector 30V data output lines and 16 TTL logic programmable data input lines. The input lines are tied to pull up termination resistors and have a maximum input voltage of 5.5 volts.

The handshaking lines consist of transfer start, transfer direction, peripheral acknowledge, and peripheral ready. Further control is accomplished with the peripheral reset and interrupt request lines. There are also an additional four general purpose lines that can be used for custom hand-shaking or general bit level I/O.



GPIB/ISA Interface, fits in any ISA 16 bit slot


Compatible with SICL and VISA


Connect to up to 14 GPIB instruments


Compatible with ANSI C, HTBasic and HP BASIC for Windows


Operating systems: Windows XP, 2000, NT4, 9x, DOS