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TAMS 1701A Frequency Synthesizer

The TAMS 1701A Frequency Synthesizer provides an easy to use, compact mechanism to generate frequencies in the 0-200 Mhz range. 

It is particularly suited to controlling system clocks for products under development, but also has uses in factory-floor testing.  Frequencies may be set through the included Windows GUI or programmatically.  It can generate pseudo-random bit sequences over the same frequency range, which are useful in testing communication channels. When used with a laptop computer, the 1701A makes a highly portable solution for use in the field.

Product Features


Frequency range:  0.050 Hz ... 200 MHz


Resolution: 5 ppm or better



- 35 ppm (0..40 degrees Celsius)

- 15 ppm (20 degrees Celsius)



- LVCMOS 1,8 / 2,5 und 3,3V Rechteckimpulse, 50 Ohm Impedanz

- LVCMOS 3,3V PRBG, 50 Ohm Impedanz


Input: Enable Input, 0 bis 3,3 Volt, 5V maximal


Power consumption: 5 Volt, 350 mA max., USB-powered


Operating temperature: 0 bis 40 Grad Celsius


Storing temperature: -25 bis 55 Grad Celsius


Operating humidity: 10 bis 90% RH


Size, weight: 7,1 x 12,2 x 2,8 cm / 312 Gramm



- Enable Input

- 2,5 Volt Out

- 3,3 Volt Out

- 1,8 Volt Out

- PRBS Out (pseudo random; 3,3 Volt)

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Minimum system requirements:

Microsoft Windows 2000 or XP Professional  

*  NI-Visa Software for Windows, Version 3.2 or higher, Runtime

    or full version (not included)

     ...  or

*  Agilent Suite 14.1 with Patch 2 or higher (not included)

     ... or

Redhat Enterprise Linux  WS3 and WS4

*  TAMS IO Library for Red Hat Linux, 82091 

Supported software development environments:

LabView, Agilent VEE, HTBasic for Windows 9.4 and higher

Package content:

(1) 1701A Frequency synthesizer

(1) 183 cm, detachable USB Kabel 

(1) Manual

(1) TAMS IO Library for Red Hat Linux (82091) driver on CD-ROM 


no longer available !

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TAMS 1701A

USB-controlled frequency synthesizer