GPIB Cables

The GPIB cables are triple-shielded to keep the cable capacitance below the IEEE specification of 150pF/m and to reduce radiated emissions. These cables will always keep up with the maximum IEEE 1Mbyte/second data rate. This low radiated emissions design has helped systems pass MIL-STD-461A, VDE 0871 and VDE 0875.

GPIO Cables

The GPIO cables are designed to work with both the TransEra series 600/650 GPIO interfaces, the HP 98622A GPIO interface and all TAMS GPIO interfaces (Windows, HP-UX, Linux).

One end of the cable is attached to a matching shielded metalic 50-pin connector. The other end of the cable is left as open bonded wires enclosed in a cardboard cover ready to connect individually to an interface or to insert into a mass termination connector.

The 10 foot cable is an Ansley round-to-flat cable with bonded ends to allow for easy mass termination. The cable is double shielded to reduce EMI and RFI interference. The 28 AWG twisted pair cable structure reduces cross-talk between adjacent conductors. It also incorporates a drain wire which provides a superior ground path. The flexable, compact cable structure helps meet dense packaging requirements.

The tin platted connector shell provides superior grounding and is designed for I/O applications where EMI/RFI suppression is required. The gold over nickel plated beryllium copper contacts are positioned on 2.16mm (.085 in) centers. The connector locking screws have the ISO metric thread M3.5x0.6-6G or equivalent O.M.F.S thread 3.5PO.6 to assure a reliable and positive connecton of the cable assembly to the GPIO interface.

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GPIO cable; Length=3m (10 feet)


GPIB cable (triple-shielded), Length: 2m


GPIB cable (triple-shielded), Length: 4m