Gain the ultimate speed and efficiency by connecting

your PC or laptop to your test and measurement instruments. 

The 82350B makes it easy to access and control instruments and exchange data using HTBasic or HP BASIC.

Compatibility and Flexibility

Since the 82357B is a standard Plug and Play device, it is automatically detected and configured when connected to the computer USB port. The USB/GPIB Interface software allows transparent communication between a PC and up to 14 GPIB instruments, offering transfer rates over 1.15 Mbytes/sec.

Compatibility and Flexibility

The 82350B comes with SICL and VISA software for Windows 2000 and above. This software is compatible with all previous versions of SICL/VISA. The hardware is software configurable and compatible with the plug&play standard for easy hardware installation.

The GPIB interface card plugs into a PCI slot in the backplane of your PC. Via a GPIB cable, this card connects to GPIB instruments. For VXI applications a GPIB cable connects the card to the command module in Slot 0 of the VXI mainframe.

Key features and specifications


USB 2.0 IEEE-488 interface for PCs


Built-in buffering for speed


Compatible with TransEra HTBasic for Windows  and  HP BASIC for Windows (E2060 B/C/D)


Compatible with Agilent VEE and Microsoft® programming languages


Compatible with LabView / LabWindows *)


Support for SICL and VISA


Operating systems supported: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000

* Under LabView and LabWindows only the VISA software API is supported, the native NI-488.2 software interface is not supported by the TAMS 63488.

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 Keysight 82357B High Speed GPIB Interface for USB


 Shielded GPIB cable, Length: 2m


 Shielded GPIB cable, Length: 4m